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Kosterity is proudly introducing


What is Shops?

Shops is designed to solve your problems as a vendor, artist, crafter, photographer, jam producer, farmer, and most importantly, small business owner. Finally get that eCommerce store you've been wanting and drive sales online. We believe that your small business deserves a quality, affordably-priced website and shop to sell your products.  Enter the online marketplace and show the world what you can do, without having to worry about technical mumbo jumbo.  Think Shopify, but tailored for your needs.


Features and Services



Custom Website

We build your website the way you want it to look, with your colors and branding.



Showcase your products so your customer can easily find what they're looking for in your online store.



Add to cart, checkout, securely process payments, and notify you of the order.

What separates us?

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We're a locally-owned, people-first business. We offer local support, and in-person meetings.

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No Hidden Fees

We get paid only by your subscription and practice financial transparency. We'll work hard to fit your budget.

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Let the nerds take care of the technology so you don't have to. Or, ask about our DIY option if that's what you prefer.

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Plain English

No computer lingo or mumbo jumbo. We'll speak to you in plain English. We pride ourselves on making the complicated understandable.

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Unique Look and Branding

We gotcha covered on whatever look you want, no extra charge. Our competitors charge extra for themes and plugins - we don't.

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Fast Support

Call, text, or email. Talk directly to the geeks who can fix your problem, anytime. Honestly, we have no lives.


Pricing Transparency

We believe in making our products affordable for small businesses, and will never hide costs or fees from you. Our competitors present flashy low prices to start, but they don't disclose additional costs you'll cover. We want to be up front with you about what to expect, and will do everything we can to fit your budget.

What does an online shop cost?

A shop's cost can vary dramatically, which is one of the reasons our competitors hide it from you.  If you want your own website, you'll need a domain, security certificates, a subscription to the hosting platform, and any number of add-ons like the ability to email customers, offer coupons, and or get tech support, all of which are additional charges.  Competitors' stores require you to purchase 3rd-party plugins at around $5 - $20 per month per plugin.  If you want a premium theme from a competitor, they start at $200.  You quickly get into hundreds of dollars per month for a simple site!  

We cut right through all this. Check out what you'll pay with us:

Pricing Breakdown


Cost varies, but typically ranges from $5 - $200 

We don't mark up these prices in any way, and will shop around to find you the best deal.

Security Certificate:


A security certificate normally might run you around $60 - $100 a year, but we're committed to covering this cost for you with your subscription payment.

Monthly Subscription:


You get all the changes you want for one price. If we don't currently offer a feature, we will build it to add to your shop.

Transaction Fees:

Varies by provider, usually around 3% per transaction

Payment processors charge their own fees, but we don't take a cut. For example, Stripe has a 2.9% + 30 cents fee for processing credit cards. Kosterity takes $0.00 (no hidden fees) from each sale, and you are responsible for the Stripe fee.

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